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Plant Watering and Field Monitoring System - Makerfaire 2018 Entry

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·Apr 28, 2018·

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Smart Agriculture is a project to make farming and gardening more smart and effective. when i was out for a vacation in Dubai last summer. I was disappointed as my lemon, mango and other plants had drooped down.

This also happened to my neighbors. The other thing I observed is over watering of plants in some gardens. The idea was to keep the watering system smart using Automatic Watering of plants as well as using IOT to access and control the system. The other key idea was to design a robot that would monitor the field as 70% of population of developing countries like India depends on Agriculture. There are not only issues of field watering but also of monitoring of the farm.



  1. Wilting of Plants when no one to water them.
  2. Soil Quality if its degrading over time due to fertilizers
  3. Damage to crops due to entry of animals in the farms.
  4. Damage due to storms as well as fires and bio degradation.
  5. Lots of water wastage due to over watering.



  • System that waters the plant according to its need rather than based on time interval.
  • Make the existing irrigation systems smart
  • To keep the soil moisture appropriate to plant’s requirement.
  • No need to worry of plants’ wilting when no one’s there to water your plants. Or water only to it’s requirement when even it’s raining.
  • Monitoring of fields for any chances of fire and checking of soil moisture level at particular interval.
  • The robots can also communicate with each other as they have wireless network inbuilt into them.
  • They cover a very large area using just a few robots collaborating with each other efficiently.
  • Keep the systems independent of each other.
  • Monitor weather data of the fields to check for fires or overheat and probable damage to crops.
  • The robot will also be able to predict typhoons and hurricanes by monitoring the air pressure differences.
  • They will also be able to detect bio degradation and thus the ability to sense gases like methane,butane, etc.
  • The motion (work going) in the field may also be notified.
  • Give x,y,z coordinates of robots present location.
  • Access all the data over the cloud and an app!



The Plant Watering system uses a soil moisture sensor to check the water level in the soil and if it decreases it turns on a water pump that’s connected to a source of water. This system is very cheap and is able to work almost all the time. So you can be tension free when you are out as your plants are getting their required supply of water regularly. It can also know the temperature of the soil and you can manually turn on or off the water valve/pump.

The robot whereas uses several sensors like temperature, humidity , pressure, gas , rain, motion and fire sensor to detect fires, predict storms and monitor the soil. The data is sent over the cloud on a server; which can be accessed by an app or a website.


  • MQ2: Methane, Propane, Butane, Smoke
  • BMP180: Barometric Pressure (for predicting storms)
  • DHT11: Temperature and Humidity
  • PIR motion sensor: Moving body
  • Raindrop sensor: Detect rainfall
  • DS18B20: Soil Temperature
  • Soil moisture sensor: measure soil humidity


With this results we can help nurseries and plant lovers to monitor their systems and do the watering job automated. It is estimated that there is 30% to 300% water wastage due to existing watering solutions, This system will reduces that to almost negligible wastage until there is some leakage in your pipe. The fire in fields has estimated caused a damage to over fields in California only. The robot can detect that early and to prevent that turn on all the water pumps connected to that ecosystem. And it will also predict storms. And thus aim for a sustainable agriculture.

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